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Tonight I went through a very bad episode of regression...pretty embarrassing.

School was fine today. Yeah. After school I went to Jen's and we watched High Fidelity. It was fun. That movie never gets old. We will have a screening of the rest of the movies on the list every soon. But anyways, afterwards we looked at the records she had (hey Alex, they had very nice old Led Zeppelin records, hehe), and then I went home.

A little while later Jessica and I went to the movies. The Ring was sold out, so we got tickets to Greek Wedding or whatever, and it just so happened it was on the same side as The Ring, so we just walked in and took some seats (it was not sold out, but it was pretty packed). I'd heard many good things, mainly that it was scary, but the idea of watching a video tape and dying 7 days later made me a little unsure, but man...Maybe I'm just crazy, but no movie has EVER freaked me out like that movie. It was the scariest viewing experience I'd ever had, but I didn't expect to still be freaked when I got home. About 45 minutes after I got home and got one the phone with Sonia, I really started thinking about the movie, and I couldn't stand to be inside, so I went outside around 11:30, talked on the phone until almost 1:30, and continued to stay outside until my dad finally got home from San Antonio around 3:15...I think it must have seemed pretty weird considering I was sitting outside the gate. By this time I was starving so he took me to Whataburger. I actually do think he found it odd his 16 year old son was scared of a movie, and thanks to Sonia for talking to me. It's kind of funny I felt perfectly fine once my dad was here. I don't really understand why I was so freaked out....oh well, I'm not now. Overall, it was a very good movie though, and you should definitley see it. It was pretty fun.

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I was really scared after Hellraiser...
I couldn't sleep for two days