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majority of my days are spent sitting in front of the computer and tv, playing guitar, and listening to music, harmonizing along with the songs in falsetto. my break has gone good so far, i think the rest of it will go pretty well too. the show last night. i had a few slip ups and such, but it was my first show, you know? thank you to everyone who came out including people i wasn't even expecting like drew and trey. drew, i will finally see ember on the 4th. after the show i hung out with my pal maggie. she's a cool gal. sometime soon me and will will are going to jam, saturday i'm going to the record time show with dawson, jen and co., sunday and monday i'm hanging out with my old buddy malic, then goes to a new years party maybe? and go see little compass on january 1st, and go shopping with sonia and some others on the 3rd. so now is where i say i'm tired and i'm going to stop writing and go to bed.

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