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i'm going to get something to drink now

I'm not sure why I haven't been updating, just haven't felt compelled to do so I guess. My break went well. I got to see Brandon and Alex, both who I have not seen in quite some time. I love both you guys. My evenings were my favorite part, definitely a break to remember. Today I decided to get a haircut, and due to my lack of originality, it turned out looking like a shorter version of what I had before. Oh well, it's just hair. This Friday I'm playing a mini show in the library at my school for those who come to see I guess? Sponsored by Sally. So long.

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you know, seeing it that short makes me want to take a pair of scissors and have at the rest.. you would look decent with shorter hair. i mean i cut mine awhile ago and well its shorter than yours is now.. changes are good. don't look so scared of the camera!
this sounds like a 'i show you mine you show me yours' kind of deal.
you listen to Grease?!! how cool!!!!! not to be mean, buuut, i like your hair better long :p you look like you've gotten much taller and broader since i first met you. eeeeeeeeee, time goes by too quickly!! D:
i have to agree on that i'm partial to my longer hair...but this is growing on me. i know i haven't gotten taller...not sure about broader, but two nights ago i was thinking about how december is already here and it gave me this weird feeling like time is going by much faster than it should be.

I want you bad too. ;p
har har