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Sarku Japan makes good chicken teriyaki

look out the yonder blue
thas where my baby say 'i love you'
in the hot night of god's galore
i was beat distinctly cold and sore
let my train run it's track
and steam its way to 'don't come back'
inhale a word and exhale a thought
like the cigarettes i once bought
will me where; fill me fair; kill me care
i don't think i'll steam back there
anywhere is everywhere
and where i am is where i'll care
my bed has only one smell;
one day it will have two;
twoday it will become one again,
but a new one this time along with a second imprint that is now an empty spot but won't be then leaving me with just the way i want it and i can then rest easily knowing that a few weeks later the second imprint will join like a little boy to an 'i hate girls club' with the first imprint almost the same way the smells did and we will too.


just to let you know this will be my second to last entry in this journal, the next one being the one where i let you know what my new username will be, so be sure to read if it interests you in any way.
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