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you got to hold on

The other day I went to Cactus and I got the Bob Dylan Live 1966 album, The Strokes dvd, and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's-Machine EP. I used to have the live Dylan album, but somehow it got lost, and I'd gone too long without it, so I got it again and it's still amazing. My next goal is to get Tom Waits last three albums: Mule Variations, Alice and Blood I need money. I can't believe I never tuned into Tom Waits before...shit. Later I'm supposed to jam with Sally and Will. Should be fun. Saturday night I went with Dawson, Jen and Patrick to The Record Time's final show. Laura and Courtney also were there, and so was Maggie. The first and third bands were boring, and the second and fourth sounded exactly the same and they It was basically just mega loud noise that sounded like what you would hear on your trip to hell. I guess it was meant to be artistic or something. You couldn't tell if they were actual musicians to any extent because it wasn't actual music. I don't know, whatever. The Record Time was awesome though, they put on a great show. Also, the couches at The Axiom are really comfortable. Tomorrow I'm going to have lunch with Katie and Yola. I haven't hung out with them in quite some time so I'm excited. Tomorrow night is also Jen's new years party, which will also be a good time, even though she's forcing me to play. I've been in really weird moods lately...not sure why...oh well.
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