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Today was good, but then rather disappointing. I was late to school today because I overslept, but oh well. So I got to school and in 3rd period before the bell rang, Perry told me that I made callbacks for the play, and that made me happy cause I wasn't sure if I would. The rest of the day went well I suppose. After school I went into the choir room where everyone was meeting, and a lot of people who I knew would make callbacks, made it. I was a little nervous, but not really nervous. She started off by telling us since we made callbacks, we were going to be in the chorus if we didn't get a speaking role. Then she called up the girls to do some cold readings and sing songs from the play, then she did the guys. Basically out of the many cold readings and songs she did for the guys, I only got called up once for each. And in the end, she called up a group of guys, had them do two cold readings, and then she said they could sit down, and all the guys except the ones who just read could leave....that sure left a sinking feeling. As all the guys left it was really weird, like a movie, and there should have been sad music playing, cause everyone was silent and the stench of rejection was in the air. Dawson gave me a ride home, and yeah. I know I'm being selfish and I should be happy I at least made chorus. I'm going to stop conmplaining.
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