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[26 Jan 2003|03:26am]
wrapped in blankets on park benches
and running across park bridges; i wasn't cold
the wind was blowing fast but not fast enough to blow this away; are you ok? i know i am 'n i give a damn. how 'bout you? now that the ice has been broken by shoulders and socks and new waves of shocks that will wave on the right way.

Einstein, disguised as Robin Hood
With his memories in a trunk

-Bob Dylan

that concludes this journal. time to try something new, so my new journal will be modified and updated shortly.

cupofcomposure <---------
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Sarku Japan makes good chicken teriyaki [22 Jan 2003|12:36am]
[ mood | lonely ]

look out the yonder blue
thas where my baby say 'i love you'
in the hot night of god's galore
i was beat distinctly cold and sore
let my train run it's track
and steam its way to 'don't come back'
inhale a word and exhale a thought
like the cigarettes i once bought
will me where; fill me fair; kill me care
i don't think i'll steam back there
anywhere is everywhere
and where i am is where i'll care
my bed has only one smell;
one day it will have two;
twoday it will become one again,
but a new one this time along with a second imprint that is now an empty spot but won't be then leaving me with just the way i want it and i can then rest easily knowing that a few weeks later the second imprint will join like a little boy to an 'i hate girls club' with the first imprint almost the same way the smells did and we will too.


just to let you know this will be my second to last entry in this journal, the next one being the one where i let you know what my new username will be, so be sure to read if it interests you in any way.

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[20 Jan 2003|11:51pm]
[ mood | drained ]

i could certainly do without nights like these more often. i'm too lazy and it pisses me off. tomorrow needs to be different. this song kills me.

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</i></b>day don't end ever</i></b>---only [14 Jan 2003|12:52am]
[ mood | restless ]

the craziness i've felt the past day is overwhelmingly fulfilling. let me add the restlessness doesn't even compare.

the words
the music
the love
the energy
the people
the life
the decade
the confusion
the companionship
the comrades
the style
the meaning
the personal
the mad
the past
--- present
--- future
can only be represented in a portion of the amount of time i can scream "AHH!" until my breath runs out.
if only the person you are would only stop a tic and see.
this is only me.


i can't imagine how i'll slip to sleep tonight.

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you got to hold on [30 Dec 2002|05:32pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

The other day I went to Cactus and I got the Bob Dylan Live 1966 album, The Strokes dvd, and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's-Machine EP. I used to have the live Dylan album, but somehow it got lost, and I'd gone too long without it, so I got it again and it's still amazing. My next goal is to get Tom Waits last three albums: Mule Variations, Alice and Blood Money...man I need money. I can't believe I never tuned into Tom Waits before...shit. Later I'm supposed to jam with Sally and Will. Should be fun. Saturday night I went with Dawson, Jen and Patrick to The Record Time's final show. Laura and Courtney also were there, and so was Maggie. The first and third bands were boring, and the second and fourth sounded exactly the same and they were..eh. It was basically just mega loud noise that sounded like what you would hear on your trip to hell. I guess it was meant to be artistic or something. You couldn't tell if they were actual musicians to any extent because it wasn't actual music. I don't know, whatever. The Record Time was awesome though, they put on a great show. Also, the couches at The Axiom are really comfortable. Tomorrow I'm going to have lunch with Katie and Yola. I haven't hung out with them in quite some time so I'm excited. Tomorrow night is also Jen's new years party, which will also be a good time, even though she's forcing me to play. I've been in really weird moods lately...not sure why...oh well.

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[25 Dec 2002|02:47am]
[ mood | lazy ]

majority of my days are spent sitting in front of the computer and tv, playing guitar, and listening to music, harmonizing along with the songs in falsetto. my break has gone good so far, i think the rest of it will go pretty well too. the show last night. i had a few slip ups and such, but it was my first show, you know? thank you to everyone who came out including people i wasn't even expecting like drew and trey. drew, i will finally see ember on the 4th. after the show i hung out with my pal maggie. she's a cool gal. sometime soon me and will will are going to jam, saturday i'm going to the record time show with dawson, jen and co., sunday and monday i'm hanging out with my old buddy malic, then goes to a new years party maybe? and go see little compass on january 1st, and go shopping with sonia and some others on the 3rd. so now is where i say i'm tired and i'm going to stop writing and go to bed.

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[23 Dec 2002|01:39pm]
[ mood | awake ]

i don't know why i haven't felt the need to update. oh well. this won't even be that long. break has been good so far. hanging out with a couple friends. tonight i'm playing an acoustic show at LazerRage with some other good people. you should come if you have nothing to do. doors at 6. music at 6:30. $7. i'm about to get out of here for a little. so yeah.

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i'm going to get something to drink now [02 Dec 2002|09:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm not sure why I haven't been updating, just haven't felt compelled to do so I guess. My break went well. I got to see Brandon and Alex, both who I have not seen in quite some time. I love both you guys. My evenings were my favorite part, definitely a break to remember. Today I decided to get a haircut, and due to my lack of originality, it turned out looking like a shorter version of what I had before. Oh well, it's just hair. This Friday I'm playing a mini show in the library at my school for those who come to see I guess? Sponsored by Sally. So long.

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hate me for taking up so much space on your friends page [23 Nov 2002|01:24am]
[ mood | content ]

this is one of the greatest things i've ever seen:

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[18 Nov 2002|06:33pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Today was good, but then rather disappointing. I was late to school today because I overslept, but oh well. So I got to school and in 3rd period before the bell rang, Perry told me that I made callbacks for the play, and that made me happy cause I wasn't sure if I would. The rest of the day went well I suppose. After school I went into the choir room where everyone was meeting, and a lot of people who I knew would make callbacks, made it. I was a little nervous, but not really nervous. She started off by telling us since we made callbacks, we were going to be in the chorus if we didn't get a speaking role. Then she called up the girls to do some cold readings and sing songs from the play, then she did the guys. Basically out of the many cold readings and songs she did for the guys, I only got called up once for each. And in the end, she called up a group of guys, had them do two cold readings, and then she said they could sit down, and all the guys except the ones who just read could leave....that sure left a sinking feeling. As all the guys left it was really weird, like a movie, and there should have been sad music playing, cause everyone was silent and the stench of rejection was in the air. Dawson gave me a ride home, and yeah. I know I'm being selfish and I should be happy I at least made chorus. I'm going to stop conmplaining.

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[16 Nov 2002|09:20pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

today is bad. i'm really tired. my stomach started to hurt also, so i decided to take a nap. i didn't sleep very long at all. my stomach doesn't hurt anymore, but i'm still tired.

also not only did me and jen not get to go to rilo kiley, but we didn't get to hang out at all. i was really hoping we could...hopefully tomorrow will work out better.

i think i messed up somehow...i'm not sure...i hope not.

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[16 Nov 2002|02:29pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

this is really depressing. this show meant a lot to me. there has not been a time when rilo kiley's music has yet to not cheer me up over the past year or so. i just wanted to hear Jenny Lewis sing again...shoot me...

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[16 Nov 2002|01:41pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

ok, so there's no ride to Rilo Kiley.
today is a bad day now.

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well i'll be damned [13 Nov 2002|12:31am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

tonight i got the sudden motivation to do well in school. i want to go to a good college. i will. i'm going to get my shit together...with everything, not just school. i hope this force doesn't go away.

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junk survey [10 Nov 2002|02:14pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

i don't want to post this, but i will

[ Last time ]

Really Smiled : last night
Laughed : last night
Cried : a long time ago
Bought.something : yesterday
Danced : often
Were sarcastic : sometimes
Kissed someone : been a long time
Talked to an ex : often
Had a nightmare : long time
Were lulled to sleep by the thought of someone : pretty often lately
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when parents were hippies [09 Nov 2002|11:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i love these pictures. my dad and uncle look awesome. my dad is on the left, and my uncle on the right. except my uncle is dead; he killed himself in '74. i think i look like my dad.

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[06 Nov 2002|07:25pm]
[ mood | giddy ]



note: this is a GOOD thing
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[03 Nov 2002|03:57pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

damn...i make some good pancakes.

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[02 Nov 2002|03:49am]
[ mood | fine ]

Tonight I went through a very bad episode of regression...pretty embarrassing.

School was fine today. Yeah. After school I went to Jen's and we watched High Fidelity. It was fun. That movie never gets old. We will have a screening of the rest of the movies on the list every soon. But anyways, afterwards we looked at the records she had (hey Alex, they had very nice old Led Zeppelin records, hehe), and then I went home.

A little while later Jessica and I went to the movies. The Ring was sold out, so we got tickets to Greek Wedding or whatever, and it just so happened it was on the same side as The Ring, so we just walked in and took some seats (it was not sold out, but it was pretty packed). I'd heard many good things, mainly that it was scary, but the idea of watching a video tape and dying 7 days later made me a little unsure, but man...Maybe I'm just crazy, but no movie has EVER freaked me out like that movie. It was the scariest viewing experience I'd ever had, but I didn't expect to still be freaked when I got home. About 45 minutes after I got home and got one the phone with Sonia, I really started thinking about the movie, and I couldn't stand to be inside, so I went outside around 11:30, talked on the phone until almost 1:30, and continued to stay outside until my dad finally got home from San Antonio around 3:15...I think it must have seemed pretty weird considering I was sitting outside the gate. By this time I was starving so he took me to Whataburger. I actually do think he found it odd his 16 year old son was scared of a movie, and thanks to Sonia for talking to me. It's kind of funny I felt perfectly fine once my dad was here. I don't really understand why I was so freaked out....oh well, I'm not now. Overall, it was a very good movie though, and you should definitley see it. It was pretty fun.


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come ride on the fabulous shit mobile [30 Oct 2002|10:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Things are going well. Two week break off from theatre. Also my band isn't playing that Engine Room show because we wouldn't be anywhere near ready. I really don't care.

This weekend should be good. Friday me and Jessica are going to get together, Saturday I'm taking Sonia to my homecoming, and Sunday I'm going with Dawson, Jen, Rachel and Courtney to the Renaissance Festival. I haven't been there in like, 8 years so it should be fun.

Also I've been wanting to hear Refused for so long now, and it finally occurred to me last night that I can download them since I have Limewire now, so I did, and since Dennis Lyxzèn has shown that he can rock in more ways than one, I'll devote an icon to him. I think I'll leave now.

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